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Barça need to leave in January to achieve ‘fair play’


Nov 18, 2022


Joan Laporta The Barcelona president revealed a few days ago an unexpected upturn that his plans to sign at this winter market have suffered. ‘s strict rules of financial “fair play” do not allow you to harden yourself in January. Describing the situation as contradictory, the director emphasized the need to generate more income while cutting expenses to ensure salary margins.

of barca This winter market allows you to incorporate players according to the “one by one” method. In other words, for every $1 million in salary released by the departure of a player, the club can invest $1 of him in a new player. Despite agreeing to terminate the contract, picketmost of the details of which are unknown, but the Barcelona club has little room to maneuver, although a small space has been opened up by the departure of the central defender, but a large amount has to be freed up to make some signings. was.

This measure in different scales league, to force you to let go of some rifts with high salaries in this window precisely devised to avoid the economic lockdown of clubs that spend more than they earn.it would be the case of memphis depayThe Dutch striker has missed the last 13 competitive games due to injury and finds it very difficult to replace the starter and his replacements. He is finishing his second year and his final contract and Barça are happy to give him a letter of freedom saving him a high salary. At the Camp Nou, he lost his record at the expense of his transfer. Sevilla, Juventus, Newcastle they are already moving.

source of barca They assured the MD that “nothing is left out” in the office to mitigate the Treasury, but some of the desired names in the summer market are unlikely. do not have Hector Bellerin, if any team is interested, the door will be opened. No news so far, but in Seville, Betis For bringing him back after a good run last season on loan from Arsenal. The right-back knows nothing about Barça or the Andalusian club and thinks the operation is complicated. Nevertheless, Xavi He turned to Bardet as a starter in a recent match.

Barça have other players of prestige on the market, but the club knows it will undermine the team and has closed all possibilities. Dijon He appeared in a showcase and was in talks to move to next Europa League rivals Manchester United, but the player’s determination to stay and his contract until 2026 forced him to stay in the dressing room. became. Time proved him right as he turned in a good and effective performance, becoming the best player to replace Sergio Busquets in midfield. XaviConsidered him more of an interior due to his offensive ability.

The idea of ​​sports management is to strengthen at least the right side. The arrival of a versatile midfielder who can pivot and play inside is his second priority, having an arrival and boosting his vitality. picket Since Marcos Alonso is performing on the y-axis, Dijon Another option as it was already used in Pamplona.

The situation will turn negative in the face of ‘financial fair play’. league To the Barcelona club if it does not earn more.In principle, without any change to current figures, the standard for incorporating footballers in the summer would be 1/4, and four would need to go in to invest one. barca You can activate the “lever” he still left behind, the one from BLM. league Validate the operation for transfer purposes. As such, clubs are working to generate resources from anywhere. It all adds up.

Like the entry of a new sponsor, such as a club’s facilities and facilities, or a friendly celebration. barca He’s managing one for this league break before Christmas.“boro” option London before him arsenal collapsed and negotiations are now focused on reaching an agreement with the United States. JuventusContacted but no formal offer

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