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Brett Favre calls for boycott of Fox News over Tucker Carlson ouster


May 9, 2023


NFL legend Brett Favre advocated for a boycott of Fox News on Monday over the network’s parting with former star host Tucker Carlson.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback tweeted out his support for Mr. Carlson, saying “I’m with Tucker. Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak.”

The tweet featured a clip of former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly saying that the network is betting on the upcoming presidential-primary season to lure back viewers who tuned out after Mr. Carlson’s firing on April 24.

“They’ve got a debate in August. You can’t resist. You’ll go. You’ll forgive everything. They’re banking on it,” Ms. Kelly said, describing what she said was the thought process of Fox News executives.

“You’re gonna tune in to the Fox News primetime, you lap dogs. It’s what you always do. It’s how they have billions,” she continued in that vein.

The clip also featured some highlights from Mr. Carlson’s old show where he criticizes the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, cultural issues such as transgenderism, and the lack of consequences for government incompetence.

Mr. Carlson is exploring his future, which could include a collaboration with tech magnate Elon Musk, according to a report from Axios. However, the outlet also reported that Mr. Carlson won’t be able to test new media waters until his current contract with Fox News expires in January 2025.  

Nielsen data shows that the conservative news network’s ratings took a major hit in the first week since Mr. Carlson’s departure. Average daily primetime viewership fell by almost 30% since Mr. Carlson’s surprise departure, dropping from 2.058 million viewers to 1.449 million.


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