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Nov 14, 2022


In an interview with the newspaper Sport, Barcelona president Joan Laporta said the Barcelona club’s winter market relies on more departures to strengthen itself and that Piquet departures are not enough. I admit it. To deal with a transfer planned by the Technical Secretariat headed by Mateu Alemani and requested by Xavi Hernández.

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“To sign for the winter we need to incorporate players who will improve what we have, but that will not be easy. Especially with the elimination of the Champions League, which has reduced budget income, the issue of ‘fair play’ Given that it continues And La Liga have already warned that we will be able to sign fewer people. We will try to reverse it by negotiating with LaLiga to reconsider its interpretation and gaining new income from victories in the Europa League or the Spanish Super Cup. said in an undisclosed statement.

For Laporta, winning the league is an obsession, and for those who want to understand it, it is the minimum hurdle to continue the same project.

“I am positive about the first phase of the season. It is still under construction, but it has improved our increasingly competitive team. But it’s already starting to generate great expectations. The priority this year is the league. We always wanted to go into the game scoring the biggest goals and to continue in the Champions League, but the circumstances made that impossible. It was a hard blow.But I insist, the purpose is the league And I hope we stay on the right track. We’re making some very important numbers. Laporta said he could fight for a title chance, but made a mistake when he confessed in the version of the interview broadcast on video that “the goal was the Champions League” and corrected him about La Liga. committed the

In an interview with Sport, Laporta reiterated that Xavi has complete confidence as a coach. And I can assure you that we are very proud of the coach we have. Plus, he knows how to share with the different members of the club all the things he can improve.”

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