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Luxurious in the Shape of a Rainbow: Fall in love with the new Patek Philippe Aquanaut Loose Rainbow


Nov 18, 2022


Come to think of it patek philippe Since its introduction in 1976, the Nautilus has become one of the most popular models in modern watchmaking (and continues to be updated regularly, as evidenced by the new reference 5811/1G). . in white gold).

in recent years, The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is another luxury sports watch from the Manufacture. Introduced in 1997 and originally aimed at a younger and more casual clientele, it has less travel, a similar but smaller and more modern case, and a more functional and legible dial (checkerboard). It features an embossed guilloche pattern with a checkerboard effect similar to a chocolate bar) and a lugged rubber strap attached to the case rather than an integral bracelet.

Nautilus and Aquanaut are two ways of interpreting similar concepts within the same concept. House, But what is most common is that they are more relevant than ever because they embody what current clients are looking for: design and top quality finishes. Despite its modern look, it has the same mission to last.over time. than most classic manufacturing such as Calatrava.

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The Aquanaut, like all brand watches, is also a watch designed to be passed down from father to son. Patek his Philippe also introduced a luxurious and elegant line designed specifically for women in 2004, so from his mother to daughter, Aquanaut Ruth Its main feature is the row of diamonds that run along the model’s bezel. (Lights up It means “light” in Italian and alludes to the brilliance of diamonds).


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