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Oakland A’s play-by-play announcer Glen Kuiper suspended for using racial slur on air


May 7, 2023


Oakland Athletics play-by-by commentator Glen Kuiper was suspended by his network Saturday for apparently saying the n-word during a live broadcast.

NBC Sports California said that Kuiper will remain off air until it can review the comments he made prior to Friday’s game between the A’s and the Kansas City Royals, according to a statement obtained by ESPN.  

Kuiper was recounting a visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City during the broadcast’s pregame coverage with on-air colleague Dallas Braden. While saying the museum’s name, Kuiper appeared to swap out the word “Negro” with the racist slur.

The broadcaster, who has been on the air for roughly 20 seasons, apologized at the start of the sixth inning by saying that the words “didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to.”

The A’s issued a statement condemning the comments following Friday’s 12-8 win over the Royals.

Kuiper released a statement through NBC Sports California on Saturday as well, saying “I could not be more sorry and horrified by what I said,” and that “I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies.”

Bob Kendrick, the president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, issued his own statement Saturday about Kuiper’s comments.

“I’m aware of the unfortunate slur made by Glen Kuiper,” Kendrick wrote. “I welcomed Glen to the NLBM yesterday and know he was genuinely excited to be here. The word is painful and has no place in our society. And while I don’t pretend to know Glen’s heart I do know that my heart is one of forgiveness. I hope all of you will find it in yourselves to do the same!”

Kuiper will be replaced by radio announcers Johnny Doskow and Vince Cotroneo during his absence.


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