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Rockwell Automation Automation Fair Drives Sustainability in the Industrial Sector


Nov 18, 2022


As in industry today, sustainability has been a hot topic in the world. Automation Fair 2022 rockwell automation (November 16-17, Chicago)delivered multiple presentations highlighting sustainable approaches for manufacturers keen to work towards net zero emissions targets.

of Tom O’Reilly, Vice President of Sustainability, Rockwell Automationexplained how the Rockwell Customer Sustainability Team was created in July 2021 and led by him. At a press conference at the fair, the vice president outlined the team’s strategy for helping clients become sustainable.

It all starts with applying sustainability standards to the company itself. We simultaneously create sustainable and innovative products and solutions and foster a culture that enables our employees to operate safely, sustainably and responsibly. This commitment is seen as a competitive advantage and a way Rockwell Automation differentiates itself from others. O’Reilly emphasized that he closely monitors the sustainability rating agencies that track his team’s progress.He was clearly proud when he detailed a recent evaluation from the EcoVadis Business Ratings Network.

This process continues through the creation of sustainable communities. In short, we support the communities where our stakeholders live and work, leaving a legacy that extends beyond the Rockwell organization. The mission is to provide her partners in the community with access to resources, initiatives such as STEM, and workforce development programs that improve productivity and sustainability. Rockwell Automation’s internal sustainability commitment to achieve Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) carbon neutrality by 2030.

And by nurturing sustainable customers, we enable Rockwell customers to achieve their own sustainability goals while making a positive impact on the world. “Everything we do for our customers is to increase efficiency, reduce energy use, improve worker safety and ensure regulatory compliance,” he said. O’Reilly.

Sustainable customers hold the greatest promise of real progress, he explained. Rockwell Automation’s internal goals are encouraging, Enabling tens of thousands of customers to work more sustainably in their own facilities yields exponentially better resultssimilar to teaching mankind to fish.

for example, ArcelorMittal is converting your carbon footprint into ethanol.Rockwell Automation can helpto coordinate the various OEM programs associated with this project to align with its broader sustainability strategy.

Automation fair presenters mentioned new technologies in physical and chemical processes related to plastic recycling and technology, ie ‘e-waste’. They emphasized the importance of supporting clients after they have announced their net zero emissions targets but before a viable strategy is put into place, often before a period of great turmoil. “These pre-consultations on sustainability and energy management are very important,” he said. Morel.

They noted that large multinational corporations are spearheading sustainability programs. This is more common in Europe than in the US. They hinted at the new Rockwell Automation Power as a Service that is currently in development. And they explained how the best sustainability programs are developed that are intended to apply to brownfield assets that are the installed base. It’s nothing,” he explained. O’Reilly“These enhancements should be available for all automation assets.”

Automation Fair 2022 exhibit space showcases automation assets of all kinds, showcases countless sustainability success stories, and allows event attendees to connect with Rockwell subject matter experts to develop these success stories We were able to discuss how to

“We are taking the current and future spread of sustainability messages more seriously,” he summarized. O’Reillythen addressed a common misconception about this very hot topic. “Sustainability and productivity can go together.


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