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TV-Blu-ray review: ‘Rick and Morty: Season 6 — Steelbook Edition’


Apr 6, 2023


“Rick and Morty,” Cartoon Network’s groundbreaking sci-fi animated series on its Adult Swim programming block, returned for another season piling on the brain-shattering, hilarious and equally sophomoric adventures of a gaseous alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez, grandson Morty Smith and the whole Smith family.

One might find it hard to believe that creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland could keep the quality up over the last almost 10 years.

However, they and their creative minions again deliver the twisted goodies in a 10-episode season now available in its uncensored brilliance on a single Blu-ray disc in Rick and Morty: Season 6 — Steelbook Edition (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, rated TV-MA, 1.78:1 aspect ratio, 222 minutes, $39.99).

Viewers get the chance to binge watch shows that delve into Rick using a device to allow him to multitask by becoming a functioning sleepwalker (and the whole family joining in a true “Night Gallery” story); super-intelligent dinosaurs returning to earth to control humanity; and Morty and Rick fighting to escape the virtual reality game Roy.

The homage to pop culture also continues to flow throughout touching on Sailor Moon; ”Die Hard”; season three of “Moonlighting”; Phil Specter; David Arquette; Jesus sword fighting against Dracula; an out-of-control Star Wars’ light saber threatening to explode the core of the earth; and a sequence starring the evil Legion of Hitlers.

The Legion, of course, riffs off of DC Comics’ Legion of Doom,  complete with the Riddler and Gorilla Grodd wearing the famed dictator’s moustache, a scene more than worth a belly laugh.

And, as always, famed actors lend their voices to the proceedings including Susan Sarandon as family therapist Dr. Wong, Lisa Kudrow as a Tyrannosaurus, Paul Giamatti as mighty Story Lord, Peter Dinklage as an alien terrorist leader, Daniel Radcliffe as a Knight of the Sun and Will Forte as a villain who uses urination as a weapon (one of Rick’s archenemies).

Loyal fans should especially savor this season due to the now-permanent loss of Mr. Roiland’s talents. He was fired after charges of domestic violence surfaced (charges recently completely dismissed by the Orange County district attorney).

Mr. Roiland not only voiced the two main characters but obviously was a major creative force in the success of the show.

Best extras: Each episode gets a behind-the-scenes production vignette (roughly two minutes each) and complements a roughly 10-minute bonus featurette that looks inside the entire season, including interviews with the staff.

Additionally, viewers can watch a breakdown of three scenes from the episodes “Bethic Twinstinct,” “Night Family,” and “Analyze Piss.”

The steel packaging offers a front cover of the family with Space Beth smiling for a portrait with Morty and his dad Jerry glowing a translucent, gelatinous green, and the back cover shows the family portrait in a polaroid frame dripping with pink slime and held by a red tentacle and Rick’s sleeved hand.

The interior spread features the creepy “Night Family” illuminated in a pale red glow.

Surprisingly absent, and usually included in the “Rick and Morty” sets, is a digital code to own and stream the season online.


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