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What Happened in the Fire at Windsor Castle


Nov 7, 2022


At eight o’clock in the evening, when everything seemed to go wrong, the fire was revived. The fire was completely extinguished and, thanks in part to the drizzle, was extinguished early in the evening, almost 30 hours after it started. Luckily, only one worker at Her Majesty’s Service suffered minor burns and two firefighters had to be evacuated, so no damage more serious than property damage. There was not. Most of the artwork was saved, but the structural damage to the building was greater than expected by the naked eye, as fire and smoke hazards had to be added to the damage caused by the water used. By about 200 firefighters who participated in the activity. They were hooked on the idea of ​​demolishing the most affected Brunswick Tower, as well as the rest of this royal stone complex, which occupies five hectares.

As with the rest of the royal estate, Windsor had no insurance. At the time, the royal family and government agreed that the policies proposed by the insurance companies were too expensive for the treasury, and they preferred to take risks. It is considered part and belongs to the king and the state at the same time.

Despite the flames, the media began to wonder who should pay for the repairs. Despite the fact that the Minister of Heritage peter brook, which ensured the administration would pay the bill in its entirety, much as it did when Hampton Court Palace was set on fire in 1986, but most newspapers defended that it was the Queen who would bear the costs. Some argued that the budget should come from taxpayers’ pockets.Many deputies also opposed the leniency of the conservative Prime Minister’s team John Roy Major. Labor bob grayer he was completely against “Domestic repairs by the royal family will exacerbate an already very high public deficit.”. He argued that: The royal family seems to have enough resources to consider the bill. “

Then Elizabeth II had the idea to open Buckingham Palace to the curious in August and September, when she was enjoying her summer holidays at Balmoral Castle (Scotland), where she died on September 8. With the money from the tickets, at a rate of £10 per ticket, they paid for the restoration. A heritage ministry spokeswoman also suggested donating part of the proceeds of the national lottery. “It helps start the lottery”As promised, the restoration, in moderate respect of the original, lasted until 1997 and cost £37 million, around €43 million. Since 19th September last year, Elizabeth Her Windsor Her Bowes Her Lyons Her remains have been placed in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, by her husband Philip of Edinburgh and her parents the King. kept with the corpse. George VI When Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and her sister, princess daisy.


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