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Why it’s so hard to save Twitter


Nov 18, 2022


But should. Usual tools for detecting common platform and app failures saw a 7x increase in failure notifications in the past few hours. And the office closure triggered widespread panic among users. The exact reason is unknown, but the combination of closing them and disabling all access cards for all employees has led me to believe that ultimatum confusion led to this action. Twitter would have given it a weekend to clarify who remained, who left, and who will now have access. Guardian Nearly 50% of the remaining employees will quit. Over 1000 would have chosen to leave.

Musk has also brought engineers from his other business, Tesla (a car manufacturer), to Twitter to help keep the platform alive. But his arrival does not make up for the departure of a veteran with years of experience and knowledge. The verdict is that Musk shot himself with his ultimatum. Those left behind aren’t good enough to put his plans for “Twitter 2.0” into action. And they and newcomers alike will have to work hard to keep the network servicing more than 240 million active his users. For example, one of Musk’s previous ideas was to build a social network based on micropayments using cryptocurrencies. However, among the profiles that decided to leave Twitter was the leader of the most advanced project creating its own cryptocurrency. In the last two weeks, that is, the time that has passed since Musk has owned the company, he has lost more than 60% of his employees, the entire board. His director of sales resigned the day after a disastrous meeting with the advertiser responsible for, and for most of the executives, his 95% of the company’s revenue.

Meanwhile, the disaster that his subscriber proposals were implemented without testing, security assurance, or prior research (Twitter was flooded with false profiles, the message of which led big pharmaceutical companies like Lily to I ended up losing up to 2% of my stock market value) was terrifying. most advertisers. Omnicom Media Group, one of the largest media centers on the planet with ads for brands like Apple, Pepsi and McDonald’s, advises clients to stop advertising on his Twitter in this scenario. Right before Black Friday and Christmas promotions. Meanwhile, Musk continues to tweet. And sometimes it’s right:

Twitter content

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“Record numbers of users are logging in to see if Twitter is dead, and ironically, it’s more alive than ever.” The atmosphere of both was filled with users reviewing the years it was connected to the Blue Bird network. Promote the mastodon profile. At this rate, there are still many chapters left before we know our final destination.


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