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YouTube adds podcasts to its music app


Apr 29, 2023


YouTube Music users in the U.S. now will be able to listen to podcasts through that app instead of through the main YouTube app.

All YouTube Music users, regardless of whether or not they pay for premium subscriptions, will be able to listen to or watch podcasts on-demand, in the background or while using another device, such as a smart TV.
Users also will be able download episodes to listen to offline and will be able to switch between audio and video versions of podcast episodes.

Podcasts offer YouTube owner Google a way to further enhance its offerings on the music app. While the company has not announced any plans to develop original podcasts like competitor Spotify offers, adding podcasts to YouTube Music without a paywall could help expand its subscriber base.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium customers will get a bonus — hearing some creators read their own endorsements and sponsorship messages.

The update to YouTube Music will be installed gradually in the U.S, with plans to offer podcasts in other regions in the future, Google said in its announcement Wednesday.

YouTube Music and Music Premium together had about 80 million subscribers last year. Spotify, on the other hand, boasts 200 million paid users.


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